Curiosity in the Curio

Curio Thread

I have done my research and have sought for the best until my curiosity led me to Curio. I want the best for my design making and want the best for my buyers.   They have to flow, they have to drape, they have to feel smooth on the skin and they need a sharp look. The quality is what counts and not the quantity. I want the best for my buyers and of course, for myself.  You see, my jewelry box is not full of junk and wasted metal but of items that will be used over and over again.  So on my search for the best thread, I found the Curio!  Curio is lustrous, elegant, and versatile with a beautiful sheen. I absolutely love the Curio crochet cotton thread imported from India because of the facility to make a stitch.  It is strong and does not fall apart in the designing process.   

Our Boho Wrap jewelry and accessories are especially made for comfort and style and made to last. Take a look at this one and many others at

Boho Chrysoprase IMG_7748 IMG_8437

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