Roses blooming but not in my garden

Roses are beautiful and full of love. Some are friendly in nature and others are romantic, but all are lovely.  But roses are not growing in my garden but in my design shop.  I just can’t stay away from using them in my designs.  This Spring I decided to take a dive at using many colors to design lovely blooming earrings.  Iris roses mounted on bronze filigree floral components that dangle from my handmade gold plated brass, non tarnish ear wires.  These ear wires are made from scratch, cut wired, shaped, formed, sanded and hammered to harden. Enjoy wearing my lovely Spring Floral Filigree earrings with your dresses and casuals. 

The filigree components measure 28mm
These earrings are very lightweight and 
dangle about 2.50 inches from the earlobe. 
Spring Roses are available at

Spring Roses IMG_7714 IMG_7698 IMG_7482 IMG_7546 IMG_7598 IMG_7447 IMG_7423 IMG_7462



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