Loving my Casual Days

Catilla Banner Blue

My days are pretty hectic almost all of the time.  This past school year I took on the task of homeschooling while running the business on a part-time basis. That means that most of my days I dressed down with jogging pants and jeans.  Some days I wore makeup and others I went bare.  I managed to come up with some really cool earring designs that said “casual” all over them.  My mental state was not in anything extravagant or luxurious, although that is not me at all except if I were going to a gala or a wedding. Since I did spend most of my time in a classroom, I skipped the glamorous days and went pretty casual. www.catilla.etsy.com IMG_5010Blue Titanium Earrings2IMG_2778


Something Blue

I absolutely love weddings! Lovely lace and pearls, veils or head pieces, and so many decisions to make.  I still like to follow traditions and when I was getting married, the “something blue” item was essential. Where would you wear it or would you hide it underneath your dress?  As I thought of the event, I designed these lovely “Something blue” earrings for a Bride’s bridal gift.  They are the perfect gift for the bride to wear before her wedding or after the actual party is over. These Aquamarine Quartz drop earrings are lovely and make a unique Something Blue gift. Aquamarine Quartz Earrings7

All Tasseled Up

What’s New and trending at the store are tassels!  It seems that tassels are popular now in trendy bohemian style jewelry, summer sandals and even apparel.   It’s funny,  a few years ago I designed a necklace with a hanging tassel but never really marketed it because I thought the idea was not going to hit. I am so happy to see them everywhere now since I am very fond of them.  I am not sure how long they will last as a trendy item but I sure am going to jump in on this season.  Here are some new items I have at the store and have already sold a few pieces.