A Designer’s Jewelry Box


Hi, I am Cat, Designer of Catillajewelry.com.  Catilla began as a hobby on my kitchen table while raising my two beautiful girls. It is where I express my love and passion for design.  I see jewelry as a compliment to a wardrobe and not as something intrusive. When I think of jewelry, I think of comfort, prettiness and uniqueness.

I am a self taught designer that spends many hours researching and looking for the best materials that are unique and special. I also spend many hours on my websites tweaking them up and doing some internet marketing. With the help of my family, we manage Catilla smoothly.

I have sold many of my pieces in local festivals in Miami, FL, at the West Elm Store in the Miami Design District, and on my Etsy store.

What inspires me? I love nature and I own this amazing camera that works with me whenever I go out to shoot. I am amazed by the beauty and grace of nature. I absolutely marvel at beautiful flowers and leaves and love to use them in my designs. I am an urban at heart so I love to design items that are delicate, dainty and casual.

I absolutely love everything that is natural, lacy, and feminine.  My crochet knitted jewelry is just that – very pretty. It is 100% original and handmade. Catilla knits is designed with fine quality crochet lace threads that are imported from India. You will see most of these designs at my main web store at www.catillajewelry.com




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