What’s New Sand & Sea

I am really enjoying these simple and playful beachwear necklaces.  These are my latest creations from my workbench and are already available at the store. I’ve designed these with exquisite quality wood beads, ceramic and cotton cord. They are so lightweight and so cool for hot days.  www.catillajewelry.etsy.com.

Joy in the Simple

Finding time to design is difficult.  The ideas do not flow, often times my workspace is crowded and my day is full of other to do lists. At times, the feeling to design is not there. I find myself pushing through and working too hard at getting and idea across.  But at the end of the day, what does bring joy and satisfaction, is the wonderful news received by a satisfied customer.  This is what I received today in my inbox:

Hi Cat,
You and your Mom’s beautiful crochet pieces arrived in perfect condition. I am very pleased with them, and would like to thank you so much again for the superb design and finished neckwear. They are as lovely as I pictured, and I cannot wait to wear them. I will write a positive review.
Best wishes,

Your Customer.

Now that is simple joy!



Cozy Threads for Spring

A ball of fiber and a handful of tiny seed beads are my new found treasures for designing these comfortable and useful wraps.  You can use these as necklaces, chokers, bracelets and anklets. The choice is yours! Summer will be here sooner than  you think and I’ve already added a few of these colorful cozies at the store.  www.catillaknits.etsy.com2016-02-18 12.38.54

Wood & Recycled Fiber

I know it is a bit early for these new designs but I do reside in Miami where it is always summer. Since I do need to prepare early for my new seasonal collections, here is a sneak peek of my “Sand & Sea” Summer Collection.
I really love this collection because of the exquisite natural wood beads I’ve used and also the recycled silk fabric.  Let me tell you a little bit about this fiber.  This new Fair Trade Recycled/Reclaimed Sari silk is made in a small co-op in northeast India by the women working in the factories. These are the remnants of fabric that has been used to design silk clothing. It is gathered and sewn together to create strands of silk ribbon. It is not perfect but that is what gives it its uniqueness. Nothing is left to waste!
I am loving this beach wear collection!
Here are a few photos of the first ones that are already at one of my stores. www.catillajewelry.etsy.com.


Color Block and Stack It

Catilla Color Block Stackable Bracelets

If you are into color and fun, then you will love these new bracelet designs.  I have finally begun to release these beauties.  They are beaded, flexible, two colored, and eye catching.

You can’t wear just one! Stack them with other colors according to your liking.  You will find the first ones in my Etsy shop at http://www.catillajewelry.etsy.com.

A Cup of Coffee and a Box of Beads will Suffice

Give me a cup of coffee and a box of beads, and watch me make jewelry.  I wish I could sit in front of my bead boxes daily and design my fingers to the bone, but that is not possible.  So many new ideas pass by my mind daily and there is just not enough time to jot them down.  So much for the idea that was left undone! The truth is that life goes on.  Firstly, I have a family to love and care for and secondly, I have a business to run.  Many people may wonder that designers have it wonderfully and are just designing to their heart’s content. But that is not the case.  Independent designers like many Etsians that I am familiar with and myself, we are sometimes just that, independent.  We run the show completely. Our tasks are designing, to photography, to website designing, to shipping and handling, to blogging and social media, and so many other to do’s that are not mentioned.  I design because it is in my blood stream and when I finally set out to design a new collection, I engulf myself in it completely and wholeheartedly. So if you happen to buy one of my designs, just know that there is more to that purchase than a pretty piece of jewelry.  Lovingly, Cat.


Cat Picture 2

The Cozy Cotton Collar

_MG_0809 _MG_0843

As the crispier and colder days approach, I find that this is the perfect time to get cozy with the soft cotton knit neck wrap. Lovely and beaded handmade crochet collars that add a touch of warmth and color to any top.  Some of these are already available at my main store and more will be added soon. Find these at http://www.catillajewelry.com.

Holiday Woodland Gifts

IMG_3574Forest Leaf EarringsIMG_3371IMG_3581

This being my favorite time of the year, I look to the naturals of life to draw my inspiration. Bright green ferns, exquisite sweet smelling pine cones and burnt orange florals describe these pretty handmade jewelry designs.  They are lovely for gift giving and amazing for your budget. Each is designed with paper images under glass on gunmetal cups.  Be sure to find these beauties at http://www.catillajewelry.etsy.com. But hurry, they might just go out of season!

I Have a Fishbone in My Ear

Fishbone Pearl Earrings
Fishbone Pearl Earrings

_MG_8839 _MG_8826

I am always searching for unique components to design my jewelry.  I must say that these are super unique in that they are designed with matte satin gold tone fish bone chain and white glass nugget pearls.  These earrings are trendy and fun.  They are definitely worth looking at.  These lovely earrings are available at my store at www.catilla.etsy.com