Pine Cones and Murano are nice!

Authentic Murano is such a unique item to gift.  The intriguing process of this handmade glass is what gives it its fine quality and uniqueness. It is glass that is transformed in a furnace (in the studios of Italy), into a beautiful piece of art. Murano being one of my favorite types of glass, is seen in many of my earring designs.  Their rich hues and sparkling inner frosted colors are too lovely to resist.  These handmade earrings are designed with Sterling Silver and Emerald Murano glass beads. – Authentic Murano



Speckled Blue Butterfly Flying Flowers 1 _MG_4818 _MG_4845

Did you know that butterflies are called flying flowers?  Because of their flawless beauty that flutter carefree in the air, their natural color variations and how lovely they evolve, they are like flying flowers in flight.

I find so much beauty and mystery in the butterfly.  Not only are they beautiful in the gardens, they are also so lightweight and fun to wear.  My canvas butterflies are unique in style and nature since they are designed from scratch.

Smokey Sky Canvas Butterfly
This free and limitless butterfly is designed with canvas material, acrylic paints, colored powder pigments, sparkles and Sterling Silver chain. It is sketched and hand painted by my hands. It is made of canvas material that is very lightweight and easy to wear on the skin. It is uniquely painted with non toxic acrylic paints and has a clear gloss sealant over it. It is a one-of-a kind piece! Many similar butterflies will come again but not exactly like this one. Care to visit my store where these lovely butterflies are displayed.

I absolutely love experimenting with metals, hammers, wires and tools.  It is exciting to see a scrap of metal turned into a piece of art. While this tiny heart is not a large and wild piece of art, it is unique and lovely.  First, I began by piercing a hole into the top center of the heart.   While I may have had my heart pierced in the past, this charming heart has been pierced so that I can create a bail and loop for hanging.  I used a non tarnish silver wire to wire-wrap a bail. I then used a jewelry hammer to softly hammer and flatten the heart.  This formed heart now dangles from a Sterling Silver chain.

This lovely heart is featured in my shop at

A Hammered Heart _MG_8068 _MG_8070