Color Punch Bangles

Enjoy a pop of color and add some fun to your summer.  These vibrant and fruity colored enameled bangle bracelets are sure to add some punch to your wardrobe.  www.catillajewelry.comBangle ColorsBangle Colors II


What’s New Sand & Sea

I am really enjoying these simple and playful beachwear necklaces.  These are my latest creations from my workbench and are already available at the store. I’ve designed these with exquisite quality wood beads, ceramic and cotton cord. They are so lightweight and so cool for hot days.

Joy in the Simple

Finding time to design is difficult.  The ideas do not flow, often times my workspace is crowded and my day is full of other to do lists. At times, the feeling to design is not there. I find myself pushing through and working too hard at getting and idea across.  But at the end of the day, what does bring joy and satisfaction, is the wonderful news received by a satisfied customer.  This is what I received today in my inbox:

Hi Cat,
You and your Mom’s beautiful crochet pieces arrived in perfect condition. I am very pleased with them, and would like to thank you so much again for the superb design and finished neckwear. They are as lovely as I pictured, and I cannot wait to wear them. I will write a positive review.
Best wishes,

Your Customer.

Now that is simple joy!



I Have a Fishbone in My Ear

Fishbone Pearl Earrings
Fishbone Pearl Earrings

_MG_8839 _MG_8826

I am always searching for unique components to design my jewelry.  I must say that these are super unique in that they are designed with matte satin gold tone fish bone chain and white glass nugget pearls.  These earrings are trendy and fun.  They are definitely worth looking at.  These lovely earrings are available at my store at

I absolutely love experimenting with metals, hammers, wires and tools.  It is exciting to see a scrap of metal turned into a piece of art. While this tiny heart is not a large and wild piece of art, it is unique and lovely.  First, I began by piercing a hole into the top center of the heart.   While I may have had my heart pierced in the past, this charming heart has been pierced so that I can create a bail and loop for hanging.  I used a non tarnish silver wire to wire-wrap a bail. I then used a jewelry hammer to softly hammer and flatten the heart.  This formed heart now dangles from a Sterling Silver chain.

This lovely heart is featured in my shop at

A Hammered Heart _MG_8068 _MG_8070


Crochet Bib Necklace


I spend many hours viewing websites, fashion trends, bead shops, web pages for internet marketing and so on… As I was doing so a few months ago, I came across a view of a bib collar necklace.  I immediately thought, wow you can transform a plain dress, shirt or blouse or even a t-shirt with one of those so I decided to incorporate them into my designs.  I immediately found the person that would hand knit our very own designs. MY MOM.  I always remember my mom stitching away in front of the television watching her Spanish soap novels called “novelas” in Spanish.  I never quite understood why we had all of these crochet mantels all over the house.  On the kitchen table, on the night stand, and on every table we had.  I guess I never saw the quality in these cute round knitted mantels.  I now see that crochet has become so popular and so complexed.  Crocheting has even made it to the fashion trends.  This one is a sample of many designs that we have.  I decided to wear it with this plain cotton long H&M dress and received so many compliments.  I dressed it up immediately with my Country Chic Bib Necklace. Many new designs are in the works thanks to my mom, the “crochet expert”.  Some are already on display at

Country Chic Collar Necklace

Roses are beautiful and full of love. Some are friendly in nature and others are romantic, but all are lovely.  But roses are not growing in my garden but in my design shop.  I just can’t stay away from using them in my designs.  This Spring I decided to take a dive at using many colors to design lovely blooming earrings.  Iris roses mounted on bronze filigree floral components that dangle from my handmade gold plated brass, non tarnish ear wires.  These ear wires are made from scratch, cut wired, shaped, formed, sanded and hammered to harden. Enjoy wearing my lovely Spring Floral Filigree earrings with your dresses and casuals. 

The filigree components measure 28mm
These earrings are very lightweight and 
dangle about 2.50 inches from the earlobe. 
Spring Roses are available at

Spring Roses IMG_7714 IMG_7698 IMG_7482 IMG_7546 IMG_7598 IMG_7447 IMG_7423 IMG_7462