The Big Summer Sale

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Have you ever watched your favorite store so closely that you hoped and prayed for a big break sale? I know I have! I am the type to check that website everyday until I get my sale. And because of my persistence and patience, I have purchased some amazing fashion items at great and almost rock bottom prizes.  Not only do I check the web pages, Facebook is so good at advertising all of the items I have looked at online.  I have even received emails with those item reminders.  Isn’t that funny!  Well, today is your big break on those Catilla designs that you have hawked so closely to get but just wished that the price was just right for you. Here it is, The Big Summer Sale.  Now, these prices might change again to their normal price after the summer sale is over. So— if you really want it, don’t hesitate to indulge. I have made that mistake so many times.  I have eyed something and then hesitated on getting past the shopping cart but only to have regretted not getting it.  Or maybe I have walked away from my cart for a bit, and BOOM, the item SOLD! I know that feeling all too well. But hopefully that won’t happen today.  Enjoy the sale! Cat.



Some Fresh Designs

Antique Silver Leaf Earrings Turquoise Starfish

Forest Leaf Earrings   Antique Silver Necklaces

Okay, so remember I mentioned that I love nature, these are some of the new designs that are found at my Etsy store.

They are simple, yet unique and comfortable for everyday wear.

Curio Thread

I have done my research and have sought for the best until my curiosity led me to Curio. I want the best for my design making and want the best for my buyers.   They have to flow, they have to drape, they have to feel smooth on the skin and they need a sharp look. The quality is what counts and not the quantity. I want the best for my buyers and of course, for myself.  You see, my jewelry box is not full of junk and wasted metal but of items that will be used over and over again.  So on my search for the best thread, I found the Curio!  Curio is lustrous, elegant, and versatile with a beautiful sheen. I absolutely love the Curio crochet cotton thread imported from India because of the facility to make a stitch.  It is strong and does not fall apart in the designing process.   

Our Boho Wrap jewelry and accessories are especially made for comfort and style and made to last. Take a look at this one and many others at

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