Pine Cones and Murano are nice!

Authentic Murano is such a unique item to gift.  The intriguing process of this handmade glass is what gives it its fine quality and uniqueness. It is glass that is transformed in a furnace (in the studios of Italy), into a beautiful piece of art. Murano being one of my favorite types of glass, is seen in many of my earring designs.  Their rich hues and sparkling inner frosted colors are too lovely to resist.  These handmade earrings are designed with Sterling Silver and Emerald Murano glass beads. – Authentic Murano



Dalmatian for Spring

I just had to have these dalmatian glass beads when I saw them.  Even before designing these earrings, I already knew which other bead and metals I would use to combine with these fun and unique speckled beads. The lower bead is a round Amazonite Stone bead.  It is a semi precious stone.  The lovely soft pale green color matches well with my dalmatians. I used light rose colored brass metal components to connect these beads together.  These are not at the store yet but will be there soon. catillajewelry.etsy.comDalmatian Amazonite

A Cup of Coffee and a Box of Beads will Suffice

Give me a cup of coffee and a box of beads, and watch me make jewelry.  I wish I could sit in front of my bead boxes daily and design my fingers to the bone, but that is not possible.  So many new ideas pass by my mind daily and there is just not enough time to jot them down.  So much for the idea that was left undone! The truth is that life goes on.  Firstly, I have a family to love and care for and secondly, I have a business to run.  Many people may wonder that designers have it wonderfully and are just designing to their heart’s content. But that is not the case.  Independent designers like many Etsians that I am familiar with and myself, we are sometimes just that, independent.  We run the show completely. Our tasks are designing, to photography, to website designing, to shipping and handling, to blogging and social media, and so many other to do’s that are not mentioned.  I design because it is in my blood stream and when I finally set out to design a new collection, I engulf myself in it completely and wholeheartedly. So if you happen to buy one of my designs, just know that there is more to that purchase than a pretty piece of jewelry.  Lovingly, Cat.

Cat Picture 2

I Just Need Pearls

Sometime pearls is all a woman needs.  When I think about my hectic schedule and lifestyle, there are only a few items I really need to have.  I always need my mascara and it has to be Clinique.  I am totally a Clinique girl at heart. I must and really must have concealer for my tired eyes and dark circles.  I also need to wear a lip gloss and oh I must not forget, a pair of pearl earrings.  Sometimes pearls is all I need to dress up my face and hair do. Catilla Fresh has the prettiest pearl earrings for on the go dress up.  Take a look at these new babies that are coming soon at the shop….

Just Pearls
Just Pearls


How refreshing is the sea shore! The sandy beach with wonderful treasures and the scent of ocean waters attract my senses.  I often visit the ocean to envision new designs for my jewelry pieces.  I love the beauty of natural elements and its delicate nature. This piece is named Refreshing Aqua Quartz Glass Necklace.  I used the wire wrapping technique to add silver wire to the beautiful and soft aqua color of this glass quartz bead pendant. You can view this piece at my shop at

Aqua Quartz Glass Necklace
Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

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