The Big Summer Sale

Summer Sale Banner 2 copy

Have you ever watched your favorite store so closely that you hoped and prayed for a big break sale? I know I have! I am the type to check that website everyday until I get my sale. And because of my persistence and patience, I have purchased some amazing fashion items at great and almost rock bottom prizes.  Not only do I check the web pages, Facebook is so good at advertising all of the items I have looked at online.  I have even received emails with those item reminders.  Isn’t that funny!  Well, today is your big break on those Catilla designs that you have hawked so closely to get but just wished that the price was just right for you. Here it is, The Big Summer Sale.  Now, these prices might change again to their normal price after the summer sale is over. So— if you really want it, don’t hesitate to indulge. I have made that mistake so many times.  I have eyed something and then hesitated on getting past the shopping cart but only to have regretted not getting it.  Or maybe I have walked away from my cart for a bit, and BOOM, the item SOLD! I know that feeling all too well. But hopefully that won’t happen today.  Enjoy the sale! Cat.



Wood & Recycled Fiber

I know it is a bit early for these new designs but I do reside in Miami where it is always summer. Since I do need to prepare early for my new seasonal collections, here is a sneak peek of my “Sand & Sea” Summer Collection.
I really love this collection because of the exquisite natural wood beads I’ve used and also the recycled silk fabric.  Let me tell you a little bit about this fiber.  This new Fair Trade Recycled/Reclaimed Sari silk is made in a small co-op in northeast India by the women working in the factories. These are the remnants of fabric that has been used to design silk clothing. It is gathered and sewn together to create strands of silk ribbon. It is not perfect but that is what gives it its uniqueness. Nothing is left to waste!
I am loving this beach wear collection!
Here are a few photos of the first ones that are already at one of my stores.


Speckled Blue Butterfly Flying Flowers 1 _MG_4818 _MG_4845

Did you know that butterflies are called flying flowers?  Because of their flawless beauty that flutter carefree in the air, their natural color variations and how lovely they evolve, they are like flying flowers in flight.

I find so much beauty and mystery in the butterfly.  Not only are they beautiful in the gardens, they are also so lightweight and fun to wear.  My canvas butterflies are unique in style and nature since they are designed from scratch.

Smokey Sky Canvas Butterfly
This free and limitless butterfly is designed with canvas material, acrylic paints, colored powder pigments, sparkles and Sterling Silver chain. It is sketched and hand painted by my hands. It is made of canvas material that is very lightweight and easy to wear on the skin. It is uniquely painted with non toxic acrylic paints and has a clear gloss sealant over it. It is a one-of-a kind piece! Many similar butterflies will come again but not exactly like this one. Care to visit my store where these lovely butterflies are displayed.

Sahara Read Bead Wrap

Sahara, a new Bohemian Style Bead Wrap.

An exotic and casual Bohemian Style Handmade Crochet Wrap Necklace. Our Boho Wrap necklaces are especially made for comfort and style. They are 100% handmade with the finest cotton crochet threads from India. This cool necklace can wrap around your neck twice. Red glass pod beads are carefully stitched with a Creme color 100% cotton crochet yarn. A few red Coral Stone beads are scattered along the cord. A vintage red bead and small textured gold coins dangle loosely. Available at

Stitch by stitch and a bit of patience is what it takes to design this Boho Bohemian style wrap necklace.  A flax linen yarn full of minty colored freshwater pearl nuggets from the sea. I never thought of crochet as a hobby to be liked.  I found it tedious and somewhat complexed. Every stitch counts and the quality of the stitch makes such a difference in the outcome of the design. Throughout my designing years, I have taken a liking to natural fibers and natural bead elements to use in my designs.  After growing weary for a while, I finally found a new liking… Crocheting. This natural necklace is a handmade crochet wrapped necklace.  An absolute for Summer wear! This one is a reminder of the beach and it’s fine nature. This lovely wrap is available at my store Minty Freshwater Pearl Wrap Necklace

Boho Minty Freshwater Pearl Wrap Necklace