Color Punch Bangles

Enjoy a pop of color and add some fun to your summer.  These vibrant and fruity colored enameled bangle bracelets are sure to add some punch to your wardrobe.  www.catillajewelry.comBangle ColorsBangle Colors II


How refreshing is the sea shore! The sandy beach with wonderful treasures and the scent of ocean waters attract my senses.  I often visit the ocean to envision new designs for my jewelry pieces.  I love the beauty of natural elements and its delicate nature. This piece is named Refreshing Aqua Quartz Glass Necklace.  I used the wire wrapping technique to add silver wire to the beautiful and soft aqua color of this glass quartz bead pendant. You can view this piece at my shop at

Aqua Quartz Glass Necklace
Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

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Stitch by stitch and a bit of patience is what it takes to design this Boho Bohemian style wrap necklace.  A flax linen yarn full of minty colored freshwater pearl nuggets from the sea. I never thought of crochet as a hobby to be liked.  I found it tedious and somewhat complexed. Every stitch counts and the quality of the stitch makes such a difference in the outcome of the design. Throughout my designing years, I have taken a liking to natural fibers and natural bead elements to use in my designs.  After growing weary for a while, I finally found a new liking… Crocheting. This natural necklace is a handmade crochet wrapped necklace.  An absolute for Summer wear! This one is a reminder of the beach and it’s fine nature. This lovely wrap is available at my store Minty Freshwater Pearl Wrap Necklace

Boho Minty Freshwater Pearl Wrap Necklace